Ultima Online Redemption combat follows the UO Renaissance rule set with some modifications.  Although the combat is based on the UOR era, there is still content from the newer expansions.  The combat is balanced and skill based, rather than item based.  There are no bolas, wands, or power scrolls for combat related skills.  There is slight running fatigue to keep players from running all the way across the map without using refresh potions.  Potions stack and potion kegs hold 300 potions.  Poisoning skill helps the Poison spell.  The dexterity loss of armor has been adjusted to a balanced level (instead of making some armor useless).  Characters will automatically defend themselves with melee against any NPC attackers.  Changes to health are displayed above players’ and NPCs’ heads.  Players can view the spells affecting their characters on the bar accessed from the blue button in the top left of the character’s status window:buffdebuff



Guilds can be formed and participate in guild warfare and alliances, including Order vs. Chaos.  Faction warfare is available as well.



Murderers will experience temporary stat loss for up to 48 hours if their head is turned in to a head collector NPC.  Murderers can negotiate in attempt to buy their head back before it is turned in.  The duration of stat loss is proportional to the number of murder counts the player has accumulated. Murder counts wear off over time and there will be no permanent murder status. There are some designated combat areas and dungeons where there is no murder reporting or stat loss, such as Ocllo, Buc’s Den and Khaldun.

Head RequestHead Counter Offer



The world of Ultima Online Redemption is restricted to the Felucca facet in order to encourage player interaction and ensure that there is always a risk vs. reward factor for everything.  T2A, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas, and Tokuno were removed in order to increase the population density, which promotes player combat.  T2A may become available once the population becomes great enough to justify it.  Except for a few special dungeons/areas/events, the other facets will not be open to players.