Ultima Online Redemption includes the following incomplete list of in-game commands:

  • “[help” – Shows a list of available in-game commands.
  • “[options – Opens an options menu with lots of useful settings and features.
  • “[containers” – Opens a menu for designating containers for quick looting, equipment, jewelry, potions, scrolls, reagents, and crafted items.
  • “[organizepotioncontainer” – Automatically places all potions into your designated potion container and organizes them.
  • “[organizescrollcontainer” – Automatically places all scrolls into your designated scroll container and organizes them.
  • “[organizereagentcontainer” – Automatically places all reagents into your designated reagent container and organizes them.
  • “[organizejewelrycontainer” – Automatically places all jewelry into your designated jewelry container and organizes it.
  • “[restockregs #” – Instantly restocks reagents to the specified amount # from the targeted container.
  • “[pouch” – Used to open a trapped pouch in the users’ inventory, in order to immediately free the user from effects of the paralyze spell.
  • “[buybackhead” – This command helps murderers avoid stat loss by allowing them to initiate negotiation for their decapitated head(s) with any players who currently possess them.
  • “[password” – Use this to change your account password.
  • “[autodefend” – Toggles automatic melee of any monster aggressors.
  • “[template” – Allows players to set their skills/stats while dueling.
  • “[gatherarrows” – Toggles automatic collection of arrows and bolts from the ground.
  • “[leavegame” – Allows players to leave the Team Death Match and Capture the Flag events.
  • “[skilltitle” – Allows players to set their skill title.
  • “[drop” – Drops any items being held on the cursor into inventory.
  • “[releaseallfollowers – Releases all of the player’s pets and summons.
  • “[emote” – Grants players the ability to perform certain gestures, such as laughing, bowing, vomiting, etc.


  • “[navigation” – Allows players to steer boats more conveniently.  Less useful now that steering with the mouse is possible.

Sea Navigator

  • “[map” – Opens up a map of the world, showing the location of the player, nearby followers, and the names of all towns.