Ultima Online Redemption players are expected to abide by the rules enumerated below, which are subject to change at any time.  It is the players’ responsibility to notice any future changes to these rules, although staff will try their best to inform players of any changes made.  By using the free services of Ultima Online Redemption, you are agreeing to comply with the following:

  1. No DDoSing or other attacking/hacking the server, website, forums, IRC or other players.
  2. No threatening to harm others in real life.
  3. No impersonating staff.
  4. No advertising of other products/services.  There is a difference between discussing and advertising.
  5. No speed hacking.
  6. No exploiting any bugs in the code.  If you’re unsure if something is a bug, then ask staff about it first.  Do not inform other players of any bugs you may discover, especially on the forums, IRC, or in-game.  Report bugs to staff via email or by paging for assistance in-game.  Bug reporters may be given rewards, which are typically special clothing.
  7. No “script placing” houses.
  8. No third party software other than Razor or UOSteam (AssistUO).  Do not post any macros for any programs on the forums/IRC without approval.  UOSteam is highly encouraged and will never be banned.
  9. Players are allowed three accounts per IP address for a total of up to 18 characters.
  10. No AFK animal taming, hunting, or harvesting of ore/wood.
  11. No excessive spamming in game or on the forums/IRC.  Allow a little time between messages.

Selling/trading items for real life money/goods is allowed, but staff will not take any responsibility for anything you lose in the process.  Do this at your own risk.

No one will be permanently banned unless they use major exploits, such as speed hacking.  Anything that can result in a ban will be clearly written on this page.  If you see a player breaking a rule, please report it.  Reporting abuse is more effective if some level of proof other than hearsay is provided, usually in the form of screen shots or audio/video recording.