In addition to regular duels and tournaments, Ultima Online Redemption currently features excellent capture the flag events, team death match events, free for all events, player-run king of the hill events, poker tournaments, town invasions, and champion spawns.The capture the flag event supports up to four teams with 25 players each and allows players to play their own class or choose between 22 other classes each time they die.  Upon signing up for the event, all possessions automatically move to the player’s bank and then the system provides all necessary items and skills for the duration of the event.  When the event ends, it automatically restores all of the player’s possessions.  Removing the flags from the capture the flag event essentially turns it into a team death match or free for all. There are currently two arenas that support these events.

Players can win special rewards by participating in our regular poker tournaments, which feature the completely unrivaled Texas Hold’em system exclusive to Ultima Online Redemption.

Champion spawns are player-initiated events that involve battling the most difficult monsters and their numerous guardians, which can require several hours of coordinated group effort.

In the near future, more events will be implemented, including:  Zombie invasions, dungeon crawls, fishing tournaments and more.