Ultima Online Redemption has an excellent housing system that allows players to choose whether they want to live in one of the many classic houses, one of the new houses, or in a custom house they designed from the ground up.  Players can set the security of house doors, containers, and teleporters, for all houses, instead of dealing with the annoyance of keys.  All houses have 20% increased storage and can be demolished for a full refund on the price of the house.

Ultima Online Redemption’s unique new house designs include the fortress, the large stone keep, and tents.  More new house designs may eventually be available.  The fortress is currently the largest house available and has the unique ability to allow players to customize the windows individually.  There are six options for the windows on the fortress: four types of stained glass, no glass, and no window.  The fortress and large stone keep both feature secret doors on the bottom floor.  Tents are the cheapest house available and currently come in blue and green colors.

All houses other than tents can have cellars added to them. Cellars can also be removed from a house and turned back into a deed. The flooring of cellars can be changed between six different types: stone, dark stone, flagstone, wood, grass, or dirt.

All houses can have special house link teleporters added to them, which allow players to teleport in or between houses over short distances.  The security of these teleporters can be set just like normal house teleporters and they can be dyed with a dye tub.

Players are allowed to have one house per account and three accounts.

In Danger of Collapsing Houses

Houses decay over time if they are not refreshed by their owner(s) and can eventually collapse, leaving all the items and land up for grabs.  A short delay was added to house placement attempts and players are unable to place a house on top of other players, creatures, or objects (other than corpses).

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Ultima Online Redemption has all of the classic boats, high seas galleons, and row boats, all featuring smooth boat movement and the ability to steer using mouse, keyboard, or navigation menu.  The tiller men can also navigate a ship automatically if given a map with a course plotted on it.

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