Razor is a decent Ultima Online assistant program that allows you to connect to Ultima Online Redemption after installing the Ultima Online Classic Client game files from the Join page.  Razor does not work with the Enhanced Client.


  1. First, download and install the Ultima Online Classic Game Client from the Join page.
  2. Make sure your version of Microsoft .NET Framework is 4.0 or newer.  You can download the required Microsoft .NET Framework from here,
  3. Download the latest version of Razor.
  4. Now run Razor as an administrator (right click the executable and click “Run as Administrator”).
  5. Once the welcome screen appears, check the box for Patch Client Encryption.
  6. If you only have one Ultima Online client installed on your computer, you can probably leave Load Client and Ultima Online Data Directory on Auto Detect, otherwise you will need to set these properly.  Ultima Online Data Directory should be set to the directory on your hard drive where you installed the Ultima Online client, and Load Client should be set to the client.exe within that directory.
  7. Change the Server address to play.uoredemption.com and the port to 2593:
  8. Now click on Okay.
  9. Check the box for Negotiate Features With Server at the bottom of the Options tab:
  10. Once the Ultima Online client appears, enter in your desired account name and password to begin playing.  Accounts are created automatically.


If you encounter issues with Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, try the following:

  1. Right click on the Razor shortcut and select Properties.
  2. On the Compatibility tab, make sure the following options are checked:
  • “Run in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)”
  • “Run this program as an Administrator”
  • “Disable Window Composition”



  • Razor lacks some functionality and has some issues, but is easier for new players to work with.
  • Razor features a map capable of showing the locations of members in your party.
  • Razor macros are easier to set up, but also lack a lot of features that UOSteam offers.
  • Razor doesn’t run as smoothly on newer operating systems as UOSteam.
  • Razor’s organize/restock agents seem better than UOSteam’s.  However, it is possible to write a macro to organize/restock items quite well with UOSteam.
  • Unlike UOSteam, Razor has built-in video recording.  If you need to record your screen while using UOSteam, you will need an additional program to provide this functionality.
  • Razor does not work with the Enhanced Client.