Strength, dexterity, and intelligence are capped at 100 points with an overall stat cap of 225 points.  It’s not possible to raise any stat caps.


Players start with an overall skill cap of 700 points and can raise this overall skill cap to 720 points by using power scrolls.  Individual skills start out with a cap of 100 points and can be raised to 120 points by using power scrolls.


Skills gain rather quickly, which combined with legal unattended  macroing, skill scrolls, and the ability to train skills up to 50 from vendors, makes it relatively easy to train characters up without endless grinding. Skills gain at 125% the normal rate inside dungeons and 75% the normal rate inside houses.


Skill scrolls are color-coded, stack, and give +1 base skill.  Skill scrolls are obtained by killing monsters.


Noncombat-related skills can be trained up to 120 by using power scrolls, which can be obtained from completing bulk orders or champion spawns.  There are no power scrolls for combat-related skills.  Power scrolls are linear, meaning they must be used in order: 105, 110, 115, and then 120.


Unattended macroing of skills is legal, except for animal taming and harvesting of ore and wood.  Players who fail to pass the automated macro checks for taming or harvesting will be automatically jailed and released once their sentence is served.  Repeat offenders will be more severely punished.  Check the Rules page for more information.


Alchemy is the art of creating potions and earthen mixtures from empty bottles and reagents using a mortar & pestle.  Alchemists can create heal, cure, refresh stamina, strength, agility, poison and explosion potions.  Explosion potion damage increases by +1 damage for each 10 points of alchemy skill, for a maximum of up to +10 damage.  Alchemists can also create wine from grapes using wine crafters’ tools.  Grandmaster alchemists can learn to blow glass.


Anatomy increases weapon and fist damage and the effectiveness of healing with bandages.  Anatomy can be used to judge the stamina of opponents.  Stun punch requires 80 anatomy and wrestling.  Having at least 80 anatomy and evaluating intelligence is equivalent to defensive wrestling.


Animal lore helps tamers to inspect and control their pets in addition to increasing the number of available stable slots.


Tamers have the ability to tame and control most wild creatures.  Tamed creatures can fight for the tamer and some can help carry items.  Tamers start with five control slots for their pets and can gain an extra slot by achieving grandmaster herding skill.


Archery skill increases the accuracy of bows.


Arms lore can be used to determine the damage, durability, and speed of weapons and armor. Arms lore also increases the chances of crafting slayer weapons and instruments and improves cannon accuracy.  Disarm punch requires 80 arms lore and wrestling.


Begging town vendors offers a chance of earning some free gold.


Blacksmithy is the art of creating and repairing weapons, armor, shields, and other items from metal ingots using a smith hammer, forge, and anvil.  Arms lore increases the chances of crafting slayer weapons.  Runic smith hammers can craft magical weapons and armor and are obtained by completing blacksmithing bulk orders.


Fletching is the art of creating and repairing bows and their ammunition by using fletcher’s tools on wood and feathers.  Arms lore increases the chances of crafting slayer bows.  Runic fletcher’s tools can craft magical bows and are obtained by completing fletching bulk orders.


Camping skill helps to start camp fires with kindling, which can be used with a bedroll to log out instantly when not in combat.  Camp fires also burn anything that steps on them.  Grandmaster campers are able to harvest additional logs, ore, hides, scales, feathers, and wool and have increased chances of catching fish.  Bedrolls in secure camp sites also increase the health, mana, and stamina regeneration rate of the person standing on them.


Carpentry is the art of creating tools, weapons, shields, instruments, furniture, house additions, and other useful items by using saws or other carpenter tools on wood.  Arms lore increases the chances of crafting slayer weapons and musicianship increases the chances of crafting slayer instruments.  Runic saws can craft magical weapons, shields, and instruments and are obtained by completing carpentry bulk orders.  Grandmaster carpenters can learn to do stone masonry.


Cartography is the art of drawing maps with a mapmaker’s pen and decoding treasure maps.


Cooking is the art of creating edible food and earthen mixtures by using a skillet and a heat source on raw ingredients.  Rare fish and crustacean meat rejuvenate more stamina than normal food.


Detect is the ability to spot hidden creatures and items and then reveal them for all to see.  It also helps with finding nearby traps.


Discordance is the ability to weaken opponents by playing musical instruments well.  Discordance can be performed on a single target for maximum effect or multiple targets simultaneously with less effect.  Musicianship skill is needed for successful discordance.


Evaluating intelligence increases spell damage can be used to judge the mana of opponents.  Having at least 80 anatomy and evaluating intelligence is equivalent to defensive wrestling.


Fencing increases the accuracy of fencing weapons.  Two-handed fencing weapons can paralyze opponents.


Fishing involves using fishing poles, lobster traps, and bait to catch fish, lobsters, crab, monsters, sunken treasure from shipwrecks, and other items.  Fishermen vendors sell books that show where and how to catch all shore, deep water, and dungeon fish and crustaceans, which can be sold to fish mongers, wall mounted, or cooked into food.  High seas bosses can also be fished up and killed for additional rewards.


Forensic evaluation is the ability to examine a crime scene and determine what happened.  It can be used on locks to determine who picked them last, on food or beverages to determine the poisoner, on fires to tell who started them, on people to determine who is a killer or a thief, and on corpses to determine the killer, looters, and time of death.  Skill in forensics can also help to get away with crimes such as snooping, stealing, looting, killing, and poisoning.


Healing skill increases the chances of successfully using bandages on humans to heal, cure, and even resurrect the dead.  Anatomy increases the effectiveness of healing.


Herding involves using a shepherd’s crook to guide the movement of creatures.  Grandmaster shepherds have six pet control slots.  Herding increases the number of stable slots and the range of finding followers with the [map command.


Hiding is the ability to quickly camouflage oneself and avoid being seen by others.  Using the skill hiding automatically uses the stealth and vice versa.  There is no limit to the number of steps a player can take while using stealth.


Inscription is the art of creating spell scrolls, spell books, rune books, and bulk order deed books by using a scribe’s pen on blank scrolls, runes, and books.  Magery skill is needed for creating these magical items.  Inscription boosts the effectiveness reactive armor, protection, and magic reflection spells in addition to increasing the damage of attack spells cast onto creatures by 10%.  Spell scrolls do additional damage to creatures, especially when cast by scribes.  Grandmaster scribes with grandmaster evaluating intelligence have a chance of summoning magma elementals, deep earth elementals, deep water elementals, and tempests.  The magic reflect spell completely reflects 8 circles of spells plus grandmaster mages reflect 1 additional circle for every 7 points of inscription above 50 for a total of up to 15 circles reflected.


Item identification increases the chances of identifying the magical properties of weapons, armor, and instruments.  Skilled merchants can simply double click items to identify them.


Lockpicking is the art of using lockpicks to disable container locks and door locks without setting off any traps.


Lumberjacking helps to successfully chop wood from trees and increases the damage of axes by up to 30%.  Every 5 points of lumber jacking skill adds +1% bonus to axe damage and grandmaster lumber jacking adds an additional 10% bonus, for a total of 30%.  Higher lumber jacking skill allows harvesting of oak wood, ash wood, Yew wood, heart wood, blood wood, and frost wood.


Mace fighting increases the accuracy of maces, which are good at breaking down armor and draining the stamina of opponents.  War hammers can inflict a crushing blow that does increased damage.


Magery is the art of casting magical spells.  Skilled mages are more likely to succeed at casting spells and can cast more powerful spells.  Magery is the fastest way to travel around the world.


Meditation increases the rate at which mana regenerates.  Active meditation ends when the person meditating is damaged, has full mana, moves or wears metal armor.  The success rate of meditation does not take mana or intelligence into account.  Instead, the chance of successfully meditating is equal to the meditation skill, thus grandmaster level meditation skill will always result in successful meditation.  Armor has the following effects on meditation:

  • Leather armor allows meditation with no penalty to mana regeneration rate.
  • Studded armor allows meditation and mana regenerates at half the normal rate.
  • All other armor does not allow meditation and mana regenerates slower based on the armor rating.

Mining involves using shovels and pickaxes to dig up metal ore, granite, sand, clay, gemstones and graves.  There are eleven types of metal and granite that can be mined.  Many changes to mining have been implemented to make it more convenient, including but not limited to:

  • Increased ore per harvest
  • Significantly reduced ore weight
  • Ore stacks on the ground when the miner cannot carry more weight
  • Increased ore per location
  • More ore locations in any given area
  • Ore smelts when used near a forge without the need to target the forge
  • Ore can be smelted from the inventory of pack animals
  • Rocks can be mined
  • The volcano can be mined

Musicianship helps successfully play musical instruments and is needed for successful use of discordance skill, provocation, and peacemaking.  Musicianship is required for crafting instruments with carpentry and increases the chances of crafting slayer instruments.


Parrying increases the chances of blocking melee damage with a shield.


Peacemaking is the ability to make opponents stop attacking by playing musical instruments well.  Peacemaking can be performed on a single target for maximum duration or on multiple targets simultaneously with less duration.  Musicianship skill is needed for successful peacemaking.


Poisoning is the art of applying poison potions to food, beverages, and bladed weapons.  Poisoning skill increases the effectiveness of poison spells.


Provocation is the ability to make creatures attack each other or players by playing musical instruments well.  Creatures can be made to attack other players or oneself, but players cannot be provoked into attacking anything.  Musicianship skill is needed for successful provocation.


Resisting spells decreases the chances of being affected by spells and lowers the damage taken by magery spells.


Snooping is the ability to examine the inventory of others without being detected.


Spirit speak is the ability to communicate with the dead and recover some health from doing so, especially around corpses.


Stealing is the ability to illegally take possession of other’s items.


Stealth is the ability to move while hidden and requires 80 hiding skill to even attempt.  Heavy armor blocks stealthing.


Swordsmanship increases the accuracy of knives, swords, axes, and polearm axes.


Tactics increases the damage of weapons and wrestling.


Tailoring is the art of creating clothing, footwear, and armor by using a sewing kit on cloth, leather, and bones.  Runic sewing kits allow magic armor crafting and are obtained from completing tailor bulk order deeds.  Grandmaster tailors can learn to weave baskets.


Taste identification helps to avoid consuming poisoned food and beverages.


Tinkering is the art of creating tools, small weapons, and numerous other useful items by using tinker’s tools on metal and wood.  Arms lore increases the chances of tinkering slayer weapons.  Grandmaster tinkers can learn pottery.


Tracking can be used to detect and locate nearby humans or creatures, even if they are hidden. A spyglass can be used to significantly increase tracking range while on board boats.


Veterinary increases the effectiveness of using bandages on pets.  Skilled veterinarians can even resurrect bonded pets.


Wrestling increases the accuracy of fists and increases the chances of performing stun punches and disarming.  Stun punching requires 80 wrestling and anatomy.  Disarming requires 80 wrestling and arms lore.

The following skills are disabled: Bushido, Chivalry, Focus, Imbuing, Mysticism, Necromancy, Ninjitsu, Spellweaving, and Throwing.