UOSteam is an excellent Ultima Online assistant program that allows you to connect to Ultima Online Redemption after installing the Classic Client game files from the Join page.  UOSteam does not work with the Enhanced Client.


  1. First, download and install the Ultima Online Classic Client from the Join page.
  2. Make sure your version of Microsoft Visual C++ supports it by downloading and installing this,
  3. Downloading and install UOSteam.
  4. Now run UOSteam as an administrator (right click the executable and click “Run as Administrator”).
  5. Once the welcome screen appears, check the box for remove encryption.
  6. If you only have one Ultima Online client installed on your computer, you can probably leave the Client Options on Auto Detect, otherwise you will need to set the client path to the directory on your hard drive where you installed the Ultima Online client
  7. Once the welcome screen appears, change the Shard/Server address to play.uoredemption.com and the port to 2593:
  8. Now click on Start.
  9. Check the box for Negotiate Features With Server on the General tab:
  10. Once the Ultima Online client appears, enter in your desired account name and password to begin playing.  Accounts are created automatically.



  • Other than recording video, UOSteam can do anything Razor can do and much more.
  • UOSteam features a map capable of showing your guild mates’ and/or party members’ location and health.  Guild mates are displayed as green on the map and party members are blue on the map, which makes it very good for coordinating group battles.
  • The macros in UOSteam can be complex to set up, but offer much more functionality than Razor macros.  New players are usually able to set up Razor macros much easier.
  • UOSteam runs very smoothly and appears to not have any bugs, whereas Razor has some issues.  UOSteam’s organizer agents could be improved, but other than that, it’s pretty much perfect.
  • UOSteam does not work with the Enhanced Client.